Helen White



Parabola, Concept Design & Development, 2012

rhino visual

Parabola is a light installation that combines an interest in data collection with a fascination for transient environmental phenomena. Moments such as rainbows, the northern lights, or a particularly beautiful sunset, occur through the alignment of specific 'criteria' for their creation; these random, often fleeting collisons of chance lead to feelings of awe and wonder in the viewer.


The form is based on a parabolic curve representing the purest movement of an object through the air, and is made up of 78 cold cathode tubes individually triggered by custom built circuitry.


Using real time weather data to trigger an exquisite visual effect, Parabola harnesses the power and unpredictability of unseen atmospheric conditions, bringing them into architectural environments. Visually captivating and in perpetual motion, the work seeks to visualise that which we cannot see, and to stimulate contemplative reconnections between us and our environment in a world that is becoming increasingly disconnected.