Helen White





Helen is an interdisciplinary designer with an interest in the ethos of slow design as a methodology, considering ways of enhancing user experience of objects, surfaces, and spaces, to stimulate our senses beyond the visual, as opposed to designing products merely to fuel consumption.


Often architectural in scale, Helen’s current practice harnesses the power and unpredictability of natural phenomena in conjunction with technology, to stimulate contemplative and emotional reconnections between environment and user in a society that is becoming increasingly disconnected. In work such as ‘Blowlight’, 'Parabola' and 'solar-wind chime', nature provides the data which then acts as a trigger for ever-changing patterns of light and sound, bringing a sense of event and performance to the architecture of our cities.

Helen completed a three month 'Communicating Science' residency at Pervasive Media Studios supported by the Institute of Physics Publishing in 2013. And as part of collaborative team BristolStudio BS5, Helen was shortlisted in 2012 for the final stages of an international competition to design a monument to freedom and unity for the City of Leipzig in Germany.


Helen is also a founding member of eFAF, a small but growing network of female designers and artists, set up to enhance knowledge sharing and collaborative learning in the use of technology in the arts.


Concurrent to this, Helen works as a singer/songwriter, formerly with the band Alpha on Virgin Records who toured extensively around Europe with Massive Attack and Goldfrapp, and more recently collaborating with producers and soundtrack composers on a variety of projects.

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